How I Organized My Wedding?


Though I had been working for my Dad’s business for two years before marriage, my wedding was the first humongous project I handled all myself. Not the whole event but bits and pieces of it. Even now, when I think of it, I am so grateful to my parents for having given me the freedom to do things my way, totally.


Photography was the first task that I tackled. Yes, I did choose the photographer even though Prabu is an Architecture and Product Photographer. Before getting engaged to Prabu, I knew nothing about photography. When Prabu mentioned the idea of Candid photography, I was clueless. In 2010, there were hardly any candid wedding pictures on my Facebook Wall. Prabu wanted me to hunt for the photographer so that in the process I will discover what candid photography is and not.

I narrowed my choice down to Anbu Jawahar Photography in a few days time. The one advice that Prabu gave me is that ‘do not direct Anbu to capture this and that. They have an eye for emotions, beauty and excitement’. Anbu is a man of few words. I hardly felt there was a photographer on the scene. He merged into the scene flawlessly.

The photos were a hit. It brilliantly portrays how neat the wedding was planned and how much we enjoyed the event.

wedding photos

PN-155 PN-102 Backdrop:

When I enquired a bunch of people about stage decorators, every single person unanimously suggested Shiga Petals, Erode. Mrs. Gandhimathi is a dynamic lady, who is thoroughly knowledgable in her field. She loves to experiment and efficiently tackles challenges.

We finalised everything in just a half an hour’s meeting. I went with the complete set of reference pictures and immense clarity of what I want. She absorbed the theme and fell in love with it. Within the short meet, she showed me the samples of all what I enquired. I went in for gold and white theme. She showed me five different shades of gold and three textures; I was awestruck. The backdrop was elegant, picture perfect and more than what we expected.




Shanthini of Prathiksham Designers, Tiruppur was my costume designer. Within the four months of designing, stitching and alteration, we became friends for life. I admire her dedication and commitment to work. She is one strong woman, who is very passionate about her work.

She firmly crafted every detail of my clothes. She is always on trend and very resourceful, as she built her own empire from scratch.costumes


Just like the backdrop, the one name that was heard aloud was Rajsekar of Kraftx Kulture, Coimbatore, for custom creative wedding cards. Creativity is in his blood. The moment you step into his office, you will be in a different world of ideas, textures and dimensions. We chose to do a photo frame themed invitation to depict Prabu’s career. The one thing everybody remembers about our wedding even now is our invitation; everyone uses the picture frame years later.

invi 2

Plate decoration:

Dhivya, a friend of mine, did the plate decorations. She beautifully brought out my vision to reality.

The other things that I handled were choosing Makeup and Mehandi. Decided to go with the industry experts Uma from Erode and Poonam from Coimbatore. They did a fantastic job.

This post is not to brag about the details but to highlight these points:

  • When looking out to hire creative people, not only look for their skills but also see if the person is passionate, responsible and communicable.
  • Either be 100% clear on what you want or completely rely and trust on the artist.
  • Be a collaborator, not a ruler.
  • Suggest do not impose.
  • Time and Money – What you invest is what you get.
  • Document all your communications and requirements.

Here is the text of my crisp and clear conversation with Anbu and a copy of the requirements document handed over to Mrs. Gandhimathi. On going through the documents, you will come to know how accurate the planning and execution matched.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every soul who worked hard to make my dream wedding come true.

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  1. The way you write is flawless and awesome. You are a perfect example to show that the idea of “You are the creator of you” truly works. Keep going..!!!

    1. durgeshnandhini says: Reply

      Thanks a lot Poornima. I am inspired by the way you write without taking notes. I am in awe of your observation skills.

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