What my five year old daughter eats?

It pains my heart to see when children are being fed with biscuits and chips for snacks. Once in a while is ok, is not the way to approach junk food. Education, research, patience, and perseverance is the way to eliminate junk foods from childhood.

We do a lot of research on what gadgets to use, what clothes to wear- it should be unique from what everybody has, it should have all the features i want, Does it come with a warranty? Is it worth the money? Does it last long? and much more. But why haven’t we researched on what we put inside the mouth?. We just do what we are told to do or do what the next person does or do what is convenient? I believe we should question each and every particle we put in our mouth.

I had a flash thought to making a video of what my 5-year-old daughter eats. Hope this helps someone embrace whole foods plant-based diet and baby led weaning more confidently.

We are not purist to our own knowledge. We are evolving day by day. We are working towards going
* Oil-free
* Fewer grains
* More sprouts
* Less sugar (sugar of any form)
* More raw foods
* Dairy-free
* Meat-free
* Fewer restaurant meals.
* More exercise
* More pranayama
* More sunlight

Also, have captured some glimpse of our daily lives. To me, health begins from the mind. We could sustain eating this kind of food because of our love, acceptance, and surrender to the creator. My intention to eat right food is, ‘I am a passionate person, I know what I want/love to do. In order to perform it, I need a healthy body, so I want to eat right’.

I didn’t get to this overnight. It took 5 years to reach here with the guidance of the right people. Children slowly and steadily accepted and enjoy this way of life with the help of
* No judgment
* No forcing
* More time
* No rules
* More education
* More patience
* No distraction
* More love
* Proper communication.

My change came up with a lot of love. I have no fear or hate towards foods i choose not to eat. I see something better than something. Example – A bowl of grapes better than biscuits; vegetables better than grains. Children have still embraced the point of love. They see it more from the angle of fear. For example in the video when Thanvi explains about ice creams and artificial flavours, she is yet to understand the concept of love.

The video is redundantly super long. Click the below link to watch the video.


Links to people whom we follow for the kind of food we eat:

Dr. Arun Sharma 

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